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Engineered Access Solutions

TCH offers a full line of Southco Products, many of these parts have 3D CAD data available for download.

Southco parts include:

Captive Screws:
miniature captive screws, heat sink captive screws, flush captive screws, and captive nuts.

Electronic Access Solutions: wireless remotes, electronic key systems, membrane keypad access controller, proximity readers, electronic keepers, rotary latches, and junction boxes.

Handles: flush / low profile handles & pulls, surface mount handles.

Hinges/ Position control: positioning arms, external, concealed & embedded hinges, door stays.

Inject / Eject Mechanisms: external mount mechanisms, compact PCI handles, flush ejectors, module handles and light pipes, ATCA complaint faceplate mounting hardware.

Inserts and standoffs: drive rivets, assembly components, inserts, standoffs.

Panel / Door Latches and Locks: cam latches, locks, entry door locksets, push-to-close latches, multi-point systems.

Quick Access Fasteners: DZUS quarter-turn and nylatch panel fasteners, spring-loaded plungers, DZUS swell action latches, DZUS lockwell pins and receptacles.

View all Southco parts here
TCH is an authorized distributor of Southco Products